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Dr. Karapetian and her staff are pretty amazing. I was referred to her by my primary dentist (thanks Dr. Melanie Hartman) and she and her team were kind, professional, thoughtful, and basically everything you want in someone who may (did) perform surgery on your mouth. The office is clean and modern and I have to say that these are the people you want taking care of you!
K - is for the kindness you show
A - is for Amy who really seems to complete your team
R - is for the respect that you show to your clients
A - is for the amazing way you make people feel at ease
P - is for the great personal touch you and your staff give
E - is for the clearly evident expertise that you show
T - is for the time you took to clearly explain every step
I - is for the way that you recognize that every client is an individual
A - is for the agility with which you operated on me and did not hurt me
N - is for my never-ending gratitude for having been referred to you.

There just might be a reason that her name kind of rhymes with Care of Patients.